Client: Ozuké / Esoteric foods
Category: Organic foods
Scope:Branding and package design for an organic pro-biotic pickle company.

Project role: Art direction, Design and logo creation.

 I was asked to lend my artist’s eye to the re-branding of this nascent food company. Specializing in raw fermented pickles, Ozuké needed a bold new look to help them stand out in what is both a very new, up and coming and yet also very traditional category. I felt the labels needed to represent the beneficial bacteria flowing through these delicious condiments and created hand painted textures using natural paints crafted from the vegetables themselves.

  In addition to labels, the branded materials I have created for Ozuké so far include business cards, postcards, posters and t-shirts.

"Stepping into Matthew's world is like being in a favorite bookstore, gallery, pastry shop and graffiti outskirt all at the same time. He has an amazing power to pull out the essentials of a brand, spin his magic and make it look like your own..only better. He has helped us craft the look and feel of our business from day one and he is responsible for the outpouring of accolades we get about our branding. Simple, clean, colorful,creative, relational and powerful. This man is a graphics genius.  Wonderful to work with, funny as hell, fast on the draw. I cannot recommend him enough. " -Willow King, CEO Esoteric foods

Logotypes :
Posters :
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